🎓 The School System in Tanzania

Note: This was gathered in the summer of 2023. Details may no longer be accurate. The exchange rate on this page was captured at a ratio of 1 CAD = 1851.60 TZS. If you notice an issue, email it@tzep.org, it will be greatly appreciated!

Pre Primary (Kindergarten)





Forms 1 - 4 (Ordinary Level)

Forms 5,6 (Advanced Level)

Post Secondary


These degrees are generally internationally recognized for accredited and non-accredited professions. Having access to post secondary education will put a young person in an extremely advantageous position compared to others in Tanzania and will immensely increase their quality of life.

As of 2022, the second largest cause for dropping out of university were financial reasons.1 In addition, the highest paying courses of study are currently male dominated, with engineering and earth sciences having a ratio of ~4.5 men for each woman enrolled.


A year of tuition for undergraduate studies is on average 1 340 000 Tanzanian shillings, which is approximately 730 Canadian dollars.

Note that these costs are purely tuition; they do not factor in books or accomodations. If you choose to sponsor a student, we will calculate and provide you with all the information about the total costs.

In finding the costs, we used numbers from the University of Dar es Salaam, which is regarded as one of the premier institutes in Tanzania.


  1. https://tcu.go.tz/?q=content/higher-education-statistics