Get Involved

We have several ways for you to make a difference in the lives of young people and their families in Tanzania!

We want to foster an environment where everyone can make actual change in terms of their impact on the world.

A few ways to help!

1: Sponsor a student.

This is our most classic method of helping.

Essentially, you pledge to support the tuition costs of students as they go through school. We ensure that when you sponsor a student, you have a real connection with them.

Tuition costs in most circumstances covers food, transportation, and other related costs. The average cost yearly for a child in our program is $817 Canadian dollars. Depending on circumstances, this may be slightly higher or lower.

All of the cost for a child in our program goes directly to help said child. We don’t take any percent off of that fee for our administrative costs.

Children in need of sponsors.

How the education system works in Tanzania.

2: Donate to the project directly.

Since we are a nonprofit with several operational costs, we do need some funding to be able to continue operating.

Please note that there is no person or foundation that is making any salary through this. Every board member is volunteering and does not receive compensation for their time.

We constantly aim to reduce our operating costs and have more efficient planning on our Tanzanian side to ensure that the largest percentage of money ends up with having actual impact rather than being eaten up by administration costs.

3: Volunteer with us!

We are looking for accountants, web developers, social media coordinators, and more!

Contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.