About us

Why educate

Education is not only a human right, but a practical way to increase the living standard of people.

Tanzania is a unique opportunity in our eyes, since it is a relatively peaceful country that that is rapidly improving the quality of life and per capita GDP compared to other countries in the region.

Our goal is to make sure that people aren’t left behind.

While young men and boys on average partioncipate through their studies without issue, there are notably low retention rates for young women and girls in primary and secondary education in Tanzania.1

Not only that, but many people struggle to be able to attend public school due to costs surrounding uniforms and transportation.

We almost exclusively have children in our program that would not attend school if they were not in our program.

Who we employ

While by and large, the organization is coordinated by Canadians, being a Canadian organization, we employ Tanzanian staff as well as send children in our program to Tanzanian-run institutions.

It’s important to us that Tanzanian people have the right and ability to pariticipate in their own self-determination.