🇹🇿 Tanzania Empowerment Project 🇹🇿

We have kids that need sponsoring!

We are a Canadian Not-for-profit corporation, originally founded as Mom2Mom Africa in 2012.

Our mandate is to empower Tanzanian women and children through education.

Education is recognized alongside nutrition and healthcare as a fundamental human right.

In the year 1820, estimates from the Wittgenstein Center were that more than 80% of the world’s population at the time had zero formal education. In 2020, this number shrank to less than 14%.

We’ve come a long way, but collectively our goal is to move that 14% down to approach 0.

In Arusha, Tanzania, we work to find children who’ve slipped through the cracks and offer them the opportunity to change their life through food, education, and housing.

Click on donate to contribute to our administrative costs, or here if you’d like to look at children in need of a sponsor. Tuition estimates are around $817 Canadian per year, notably smaller than other similar organizations.

Please keep in mind that these fees are 100% going to the costs of education for the students in our program. We fundraise separately for our administrative costs, ensuring that your impact is as direct as we can possibly manage!

Click on about for information about the schools we send our kids to.

Thank you for reading. :)

A classroom in a school in Arusha. Some busses at a school in Arusha. A basketball court in a school in Arusha.
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